About Us

The company “Euskan Fish Handling Systems s.l.” was established in 2007 by a group of people with many years of experience within fish handling.

Fish handling includes a variety of disciplines, such as pumping, grading, storing, cooling, weighing etc. Based on our own products – occasionally in combination with equipment from other suppliers in the business – we make highly engineered solutions. We are on a constant search for better technical solutions, aiming for better yield and reduced energy consumption – in other words; we see ourselves as leaders in contributing to the future sustainability of this business.

Our staff

We are proud of having a group of highly experienced and dedicated people in our staff.

Specialized professionals

Euskan Fish Handling Systems are an engineering company, so of natural reasons we have several engineers in our staff, with specialty within various fields:
Innovation & business development – cooling & freezing – control systems – machine design & pumping of high viscosity fluids.

Multidisciplinary team

Engineering skills alone does not run a company. We have great technicians with hands on skills – as well as a professional logistic and financial department with experience in worldwide business & trading.

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Main Facilities

Euskan Fish Handling Systems S.L.
Pol. Sansinenea Erreka, A 1.2.5
20740 Zestoa, Gipuzkoa

VAT:  ES-B20956041
Phone: +34 943272911
e-mail: euskan@euskan.com

Danish Branch office

Danish Fish Handling Advisors Aps.
Seminarievej 1a
6760 Ribe

Phone: +45 36973530
e-mail: euskan@euskan.com